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Site updated 12/12/09

Hello welcome to my web page. My name is Dave Cunningham and I am restoring a 1955 GMC Suburban Carrier Pickup, this site will show the progress and the completion of this restoration, it will be upgraded from time to time. I am bringing this truck back to its showroom condition (well maybe a few touches that aren't original).
Inside this site there will also be original 1955-59 magazine ads, GMC sales literature and other Suburban Carrier Pickups.

I hope you enjoy this site.

A little History

Here is a little history of this truck, as you might already know a cousin to the Chevy Cameo Truck. The Cameo trucks were produced with Fiberglas fender sides mounted to a steel cargo box and a hidden spare tire compartment in the middle of the rear bumper the tailgate had the latches mounted inside and was supported by retractable cables. I have read several reasons why Fiberglas was chosen the most reasonable explanation was the speed in which these trucks could be brought into production and they already had a company making the Corvette body. Another explanation is that GM promised a certain amount of work for the company that made the Corvette body and lack of sales helped in choosing the Fiberglas for the Cameo.

GMC Suburban Carrier Pickup

GMC made somewhere around 1000 of these trucks in four years this makes them rare, in 1955 around 300 were made. GMC used different running gear than the Chevy trucks and the interiors were different. The 6 cyl motors were GMC and the V8 motors were Pontiac design Pontiac has always had a relationship with GMC and in 1955 the new Pontiac V8 motor was shared with them. A 288 cubic inch motor was used in the trucks and 1955 is the start a long run with this motor for Pontiac.
  My truck came from the factory with a 288 coupled to a four speed Hydra-Matic transmission and I am restoring it with this combination it is a New England truck and was made in Pontiac Michigan.


Restoring this truck has had some challenges the seat upholstery was hard to find the rear motor mount had been removed for a different motor installation. The cab was a rusty mess and I had to make some of the sheet metal pieces. Rust had also consumed the rear steel box to the point of no return luckily new steel is available except the tailgate. I had no drive shaft but a GMC parts book gave me the dimensions for one and I was able to get it reproduced. A deluxe cab is on this truck (not all GMC Suburban Carrier Trucks had this) so it has the stainless trim, which is in good shape. Task force (GMC Ads refer to them as Blue Chip Trucks) GMC trucks from the mid fifties used a lot of steel for the front bumper and being a deluxe truck chrome is everywhere. This truck is being restored to drive not be on a trailer and I have strayed from a stock restoration with the addition of stainless skid strips, cherry wood for the bed and radial tires. I am doing the majority of the work my self the motor and transmission were done by professionals, as I do not have the equipment to do this correctly. Chrome plating has been a major expense on this truck over fifty pieces went out some items needed pits to be filled in first. Finally I hope to have this truck on the road in 2010-11 this is a hobby for me and I work on it when I can. I have built a new house and have moved the truck is on the back burner for a while still needs some paint work.
Enjoy this site and if you find any inaccuracies please feel free to email.

Thanks Dave!

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