The story goes that the fiber-glass contract made by GM was not being met by Corvette production, so they were looking for another use when the Chevy Cameos came along. When production began, the GMC dealers demanded equal time, so a GMC version was created and around 300 were made up for promotional and showroom display, one for each dealer.
Most dealers kept them for shop trucks and others were sold, usually for light delivery service.
This one was kept by a dealer in the Mid-West and given every possible accessory including the rare hood ornament and factory tach. It has later GMC full disk hubcaps, radial tires, aftermarket 3.38 rear end gears, Pontiac 288 V-8, 4 speed truck Hydra-Matic, radio, heater, visors, and whitewalls. It was found resting in a used car lot in Oklahoma City by Earl Martin who started the restoration, which was finished by the current owner in California.
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